La Mollla

Tiziana 97 Bracelet - Silver


In 1987 architecture student Tiziana Redavid visits an industrial spring factory, in which the ground is strewn with springs. Tiziana picks them up by the dozen and puts them on her wrist. Soon, these simple springs will find in her imagination an artistic vocation. Molla in Italian means "spring", the name of the brand, La Mollla, with three L's, evokes the idea of the movement of the spring. 

Composed entirely of springs this unique design consists of 97 thin steel strands.

Each strand is finely spun around an elastic band to provide flexibility.

  • Dimensions: Medium - 5.9cm circumference and Large - 6.3cm circumference
  • To avoid distortions, roll on a few strands at a time to wear.
  • Made in Italy

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