Libeco's journey starts in 1858, a time when weaving was a flax farmers' speciality and a way to earn extra money during the severe winter months when it was too cold to work the land. The company, then known as Libeert & Compagnie, sold linen to traders from all over the world, who came from great distances to buy the much sought-after Flemish flax.

Around the same time, Flanders joined the Industrial Revolution. The first mechanical, steam-powered weaving mills popped up in the countryside and around the turn of the century, the company built their own weaving mill. Libeco still operates at this same site today, more than 150 years later.

All Libeco linen is woven exclusively in Belgium. The fabric is inspected yard by yard and mended by hand where necessary. Over the last few years, the company has made significant steps in the industry by becoming a CO2-neutral company and by launching a 100% organic linen collection.

Today, the fifth generation of the Libeert family is managing the company we know as Libeco. Together with some 200 colleagues, they continue to weave their own story.

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