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Rosewood Lacquer Boxes

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Size: Pencil Box

Hand-poured and polished lacquer wood boxes with velvet-lined interior. Each layer individually hand polished to create deep, rich, finish impervious to heat and alcohol.

Available in a range of sizes.
Spot clean with water. Minor scratches can be polished with good lacquer polish.

Made in the United States.


  • Business Card Box - 11.4cm x 5cm x 7cm
  • Playing Card Box - 16.5cm x 11.4cm x 5cm
  • Small Square Box - 12.7cm x 12.7cm x 7cm
  • Medium Box - 20.3cm x 15.2cm x 8.9cm
  • Pencil Box - 22.9cm x 10.1cm x 5cm 
  • A4 Box - 31.8cm x 24.1cm x 6.4cm
  • Small Rectangular Reiko Tray - 30.5cm x 38.1cm x 5cm
  • Large Rectangular Breakfast Tray - 55.9cm x 35.6cm x 5cm
  • Small Square Serving Tray - 38cm x 38cm x 5cm 
  • Large Square Serving Tray - 56cm x 56cm x 5cm