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Mondrian Lacquer Boxes

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Limited edition inspired by Mondrian colour blocks, designed with permission from the Mondrian Trust.

Hand poured and polished lacquer wood boxes with velvet lined interior. Each layer individually hand polished to create deep, rich, finish impervious to heat and alcohol.

Available in a range of sizes.
Spot clean with water. Minor scratches can be polished with good lacquer polish.

Made in the US


  • Business Card Box - 4.5"x2"x2.75H
  • Playing Card Box - 6.5"x4.5"x2"H
  • Small Square Box - 5"x5"x3"H
  • Medium Box - 8"x6"x3.5"H
  • Pencil Box - 9"x4"x2"H
  • A4 Box - 12.5"x9.5"x2.5"H
  • Large Rectangel Tray - 22"x14"x2"H

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