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Mondrian Hinged Lacquered Box

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Hand-poured and polished lacquer wood boxes with velvet-lined interior. Each layer individually hand-polished to create deep, rich finish impervious to heat and alcohol.

Available in a range of sizes.
Spot clean with water. Minor scratches can be polished with good lacquer polish.

Made in the United States.

The hand-crafted and lacquered wood product is fashioned using the centuries old tradition of hand pouring several layers of lacquer. Each layer is individually hand-polished taking several days, to create the unique, deep, rich finish which is impervious to heat and alcohol, The fine patina of the large hinged box, created through this hand-crafted process, will give you years of enjoyment. Permission from the Mondrian Trust was acquired to create this piece of art.


Small Hinged Box : 10"x10"5"H