Strass Beaded Bracelets - Orange,  Gold and Grey

Strass Beaded Bracelets - Orange, Gold and Grey

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Colors and geometric patterns are the main appeal in this bracelet, exclusively designed by the Guanábana team in Madrid and handmade. The STRASS bracelets are made using an embroidery technique with high quality Japanese glass beads called Miyuki. It has and adjustable closure for the wrist and, so you remember it, a bronze tag with our mantra: BE POSITIVE. Our advice: combine it with other Guanábana bracelets with different widths and colors to create your own set.

• Adjustable closure with waxed thread for easy opening and closing.

• Approximate measures: - Approx. Length of bracelet (min-max): 14 cm (5,5 inches) – 26 cm (10,2 inches) - Approx. Diameter (min-max): 5 cm (1,9 inches) – 9 cm (3,5 inches) - Width: 1,0 cm