Merino Scarf - Ladu Boubou
Merino Scarf - Ladu Boubou Merino Scarf - Ladu Boubou


Merino Scarf - Ladu Boubou


Pure merino wool scarves in limited edition prints.

Boubou, or bubu, is an African garment that is worn by by both men and women. The word is derived from wolof mbubb or mboubeu, denoting the same garment. The models vary according to the regions and the uses. In West Africa, the nobility of the different peoples already wore this type of clothing. The different motifs all had specific meanings that varied by ethnicity and region.

  • Materials: 100% Ultra Fine Pure Merino Wool
  • Dimensions:55" x 90- 140cm x 230cm
  • Made in India