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Raised from an egg by Mother Duck, Guji Guji is quite content with his life as a duckling, despite the fact that he doesn't look anything like his brothers. Then he meets three nasty crocodiles who not only convince him that he is one of them, but also try to persuade him to deliver his duck relatives for their dinner.

Beautifully illustrated in watercolour and ink, this New York Times Bestseller is the story of a befuddled 'crocoduck' who comes to appreciate families and differences.

NPR Weekend Edition Review Book, New York Times Bestseller, ALA Notable Children's Book, Notable Book of the Year, Virginia Reader's Choice Nominee,Hsin Yi Picture Book Award

Hardcover book measures 28cm x 20cm

Age: 3 - 7 years

Author: Chih-Yuan Chen

Country of Origin: Taiwan

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