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Men's After Shave - Vetitver Zest

Men's After Shave - Vetitver Zest

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Thanks to a light and non-greasy texture, this cream is quickly absorbed by the skin. A freshness effect instantaneously alleviates the burn of the razor and irritations. Through the emblematic vetiver grass, our perfumers have developed a woody scent softened by grapefruit zest, enriched with notes of citrus and delicately smoked wood.
After shaving, apply to dry skin.

Vetiver has long been revered for its rich attributes, boasting a wooded signature note and ideal cosmetic properties for men. Durance celebrates men through the vetiver zest fragrance; combining the signature male woody scent and the softening of a zesty grapefruit and citrus notes.



  • The extract of vetiver grass
  • A range of nurturing, regenerative and moisturising active ingredients: biosaccharide (an active moisturiser), antioxidant vitamin E, sweet almond oil, cacao butter.
  • No parabens, phenoxyethanol, PEG (polyethylene glycol), aluminates, or��_��_colouring