Men's After Shave - Fig Wood


Thanks to a light and non-greasy texture, this cream is quickly absorbed by the skin. A freshness effect instantaneously alleviates the burn of the razor and irritations. A source of well-being, the warm, leafy fragrance of fig accompanies its skin softening properties.

Our Durance perfumers in Grasse have used fig extract to create a woody and zesty fragrance. Enhanced with the scent of fig and tree sap, the strong luxuriant Fig Tree Wood perfume evokes the rich colourful Provence countryside.


  • Extract of the fig tree, the fig leaf, and the fig (with no chemical treatment)
  • A range of nurturing, regenerative and moisturising active ingredients: biosaccharide (an active moisturiser), antioxidant vitamin E, sweet almond oil, cacao butter.
  • No parabens, phenoxyethanol, PEG (polyethylene glycol), aluminates, or colouring

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