Ancient Rose Eau de Toilette


Ancient Rose Eau de Toilette


A velvety and rose floral fragrance, romantic and inspiring. The rose scent is a fruity floral, with a gentle musk. The rose perfume is further adorned with violet and musk to create a powdery, creamy effect, helping to highlight the velvety tones of the rose.

Our Grasse perfumers have recreated all the magic of the smooth Durance Ancian Rosa rose fragrance in a romantic and inspiring composition. Since 2011, Durance has worked in partnership with a passionate rose farmer using organic and local growing methods in Dr̫me Proven̤ale.


  • 80% alcohol
  • Elegant perfume created exclusively by our master perfumer in Grasse.
  • Contains an extract of Rose Centifolia petals.
  • No paraben or phenoxyethanol (controversial preservatives).