L'Oiseau Bateau

Musical Mobile - Rabbit

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The Rabbit cosmosphere of L'Oiseau Bateau is a beautiful musical mobile entirely hand painted.

Just turn the key under the sphere so that the sweet melody sounds in the room. The rabbit cosmobile is suitable for all room decorations of a child. Symbol of magic, this pink musical suspension will make your child dream and soothe him in the evening so that he can fall asleep more easily.

In 1994, Catherine Nicol and Philippe Lemoine founded L'Oiseau Bateau. The adventure started in the South of France where the first products, big colourful cushions, were sold in the local markets. The name L'Oiseau Bateau, translates to 'The Bird Boat'. , named after their daughter Carla's first words. Today the company is renouned for their gorgeous hand-painted lamps, musicals and mobiles. 

Dimensions: 58 x 20cm

Material: Wood and pearl metal

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