Argantina 120 Bracelet - Mustard + Blush

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ARGANTINAS are a unique and special accessory, one of the identity marks of Guanábana. A garment that combines tradition and new trends, exclusively designed in Madrid and handcrafted using ancestral techniques. The bracelets are handwoven in a handloom known as Egyptian loom, using 40 or 120 threads which are finished with an adjustable closure for the wrist. And so you remember it, the bracelet includes a bronze tag with our mantra: BE POSITIVE. Our advice: Play with the prints and colours and combine several to brighten your look.


120 threads bracelet manufactured in a manual loom.

• Manufactured with acrylic materials that do not fade, so you can bathe with them.

• Adjustable closure with waxed thread for easy opening and closing.

• Approximate measures: - Width: 0,5 cm - Approx. Length of bracelet (min-max): 14 cm (5,5 inches) – 26 cm (10,2 inches) - Approx. Diameter (min-max): 5 cm (1,9 inches) – 9 cm (3,5 inches)