Tse Tse

Windfall Hanging Vase


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The Windfall Vase is unable to stand up by itself. Suspended in the air from a steel cable, it swings to and fro in a carefree manner. Watching it, you feel like you’re gazing at a swaying acrobat in the circus. But its movements are sound, and it is safe on its perch. The Windfall Vase hangs near coffee tables and kitchen counters. It loves all flowers, especially branches and ivy. Asymmetrical arrangements always look best.

The hand-blown glass vase can easily be unhooked from the cable and washed with a bottlebrush.  White vinegar will remove any limestone deposits.

Hand-blown borosilicate glass in Eastern Europe.

Height: 27cm, Diameter: 15cm.

Cable (248cm long) and hanging system included.


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