I Coloniali

Effervescent Bath Tablets 10pcs/Box


I Coloniali empowered beauty remedies are inspired by powerful ancient apothecary recipes, based on precious spices and herbs. A unique heritage hidden in the tradition of Italian Masters of Apothecaries, who were specialised in selecting and blending nature for beauty and healing purposes. 

Today, using the modern techniques provided by molecular science. i Coloniali empower those unique ancient recipes extracting the most effective molecules of natural ingredients while merging them with molecular weight actives. The result is exclusive beauty and bodycare remedies that bring both freshness and beauty.

A stylish box of ten effervescent bath tablets, enriched with stimulating and regenerating ginseng and bamboo extract;. Transform your bathtab into an exotic pool by adding a touch of regenerating bubbles into the water. Dive into this sparkling spring for a sense of relaxation and wellbeing.


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